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CAM 3030 is designed for medium volume card fulfilment applications and offers new and innovative options.

CAM 3030 can be configured with different data capture modules such as a barcode reader for the front and the back of the card, and also a 100% vision inspection system to optically match and verify card data with a database and cross check of personalization data.

CAM 3030 is also available with a magnetic read back station as well as read back station for contact and contactless cards.

CAM 3030 has a new card and carrier transport system as well as an optimized card affixing label station. The replacement of card affixing label supply roll is fast and easy thus maximizing production throughput.

The card transportation on CAM 3030 has been designed using a friction belt card transport system thus completely eliminating scratches on both sides of the card.

CAM 3030 achieves a throughput of up to 1.400 cards per hour.

CAM 3030 can be supplied with an optional CARD SECURITY LABELING MODULE for an additional level of card security. This innovative solution allows for the application of an ADHESIVE PLASTIC LAYER OVER THE CARD, previously affixed on the carrier, that serves as an impermeable membrane, keeping the card attached to the carrier as well as protecting it from outside elements, especially those that threaten the security of the card and card holder’s information. The label ensures PROTECTION FROM ANY ATTEMPT TO FRAUD thanks to its anti-tamper edge.

CAM 3030 can be supplied with the MAXIMAILER PLUS HPi, a multi-station system that takes the carrier with the affixed card, folds and envelops it. In addition other inserts can be added as an option.

CAM 3030 has been designed to compliment the existing CIM Pro Series line and can be set up as a stand-alone unit or in-line with other Pro Series solutions utilizing the CIM LinkWare application for seamless full end-to-end card personalization and fulfilment.